You can set the difficulty to match your math-puzzling skills.
With 3 different levels of difficulty, anyone can play and improve their math skills at the same time.

Here are just a few of the awesome features:

1Multiplayer turn-based gameplay

2Complete against friends or random opponents

3Facebook and Twitter integration

4Different boards in every game

5Multiple languages

6In-game chat

Give it a try! Who knew math could be exciting?

Playing is simple: slide your finger across, up and down the number tiles on the board to connect the numbers that solve the puzzles. Do as many as possible in 2 minutes.

So you think you are a Math Genius?


Then let your friends know! Challenge them via Facebook, Twitter or their “BrainClash: Math 4 Mates” username or play against the thousands of random players from around the world! Your opponent will have to solve the exact same puzzles, and whoever gets the highest combined score wins.